unival® security is the exclusive global distributor for SNIFFEX®PLUS, a unique handheld explosive detection device.

SNIFFEX®PLUS works for the detection of most con-ventional explosives (including, but not limited to) TNT, Dynamite, Ammonite (+Diesel), PETN, RDX, gun-powder, Semtex, C4 based on its ability to detect the presence of Nitro compounds (-NO2 or -NO3) within its effective range but also liquid explosives such as TAP, TATP and other chemical compounds, based on hydrogen peroxide.

With SNIFFEX®PLUS the detection of explosives is applicable from average distances between 2-100 meters (depending on type and quantity of the explosive) even when the explosives are hidden in buildings or in vehicles, behind barriers like concrete walls and metal barriers. Unlike other devices that work with reference cards, SNIFFEX®PLUS can detect explosives in one search round only, saving time and resources. SNIFFEX®PLUS is immediately ready for use and does not require extensive set-up.
SNIFFEX®PLUS | unival® group
SNIFFEX®PLUS | unival® group

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