SNIFFEX®PLUS can be used in many possible scenarios:

1. Search in Buildings – The search can be conducted from the outside and a single SNIFFEX®PLUS operator, walking by a house or small building for less than a minute can check for ammunition or explosives inside. SNIFFEX®PLUS allows an operator to walk on the street and search for explosives in the buildings that are passed.

2. Cars, Parking lots – A simple walk around a parking lot with SNIFFEX®PLUS can detect explosives hidden in one or more of the cars.

3. Planes – Security personnel, using SNIFFEX®PLUS, can pass by a commercial aircraft with all passengers and luggage on board and can check the airplane before takeoff in a couple of minutes, to find out if there is anything dangerous on board; and it can be done from a safe distance of 20-50 meters.

4. Luggage – SNIFFEX®PLUS can check big amounts of luggage at airports or customs. Even 10-20 grams of explosive can give a positive reading with the device.

5. Police Use – Police can use the device to screen suspect’s homes before they entering - all that is needed is to pass by the home with SNIFFEX®PLUS. From the street SNIFFEX®PLUS can detect if there are any explosives in the house. Sometimes, SNIFFEX®PLUS is so sensitive that it will even show positive readings if there are handguns or ammunitions in the house.

6. SWAT Teams – Special Forces can use SNIFFEX®PLUS to check for everything from large explosives to ammunition stockpiles.

7. Land Mines – We believe it is possible to use SNIFFEX®PLUS to find land mines in shallow soil, but to date, this situation was only proven during test. Landmines and unexploded bombs have been found during several tests with 100% accuracy between 20 cm up to 7 meters below the ground level.

8. Crowds – A walk by a big crowd of people by security personnel can identify explosives in the area.

9. Ports - Harbor security, especially container cargo can be checked from a safe distance. Even trucks on ferries can be checked during the roll on or roll off by just passing 1 or 2 SNIFFEX operators.

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