The general method to locate explosives with SNIFFEX® PLUS is to take bearing lines, which represent the line of interference, by walking a straight line alongside a suspected target or area. Once close to the spot, where a target is present, the antenna will start rotating into this direction. On the line with the explosive (interference line), the antenna rotates into a rectangular position to the walking direction. This detection line is the first bearing line that needs to be mapped/ flagged.

For a cross bearing a second bearing line (line of interference) is needed with an additional walk from another angle to the position of the target. Bypassing the second bearing line will give the necessary coordinates. After crossing the line of interference between the SNIFFEX®PLUS and the explosive, the antenna will rotate back to the starting position.

Walking in circles is an improved detection method with SNIFFEX®PLUS to minimize false readings and to focus on "big" targets. These detection methods are trained during hand-over to the end-user/ operator.

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