The method of measurement is described in the United States Patent 6,344,818 and can be defined as detection of magnetic interference.

SNIFFEX®PLUS modulates a magnetic field with specific form in its surrounding. The interaction between the dynamic magnetic field  modulated by SNIFFEX®PLUS, the vertical component of the earth magnetic field and the motion of the operator, holding the device, creates the necessary condition for the presence of a magnetic interference. If there is an object in the surrounding containing -NO2 or -NO3 compounds or hydrogen peroxide in its chemical structure, this interference can be measured with SNIFFEX®PLUS. The antenna reacts as a pointer to the object.

The training to operate with SNIFFEX®PLUS takes generally less than a day and fast results are achieved. In order to become a certified SNIFFEX®PLUS operator, special knowledge about detection methods and about the general approach for locating different explosives are requested.

It is also possible to adapt different detection methods for specific security needs of our customers to succeed in specific/ realistic threat scenarios. With SNIFFEX®PLUS explosives can even be located out of cars or helicopters to classify an area. SNIFFEX®PLUS is maintenance-free and can be used without any operational breaks 24/7.
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